Shed of the Year nominated owl shed


The shed, named Owl House by owner Tracy Lewis from Hightown, is made from recycled materials such as cob and old plywood, and features round windows made from recycled glass bottles.

Tracy beat over 2,500 other entries to be listed as a finalist in the Eco shed category for Shed of the year 2015.


Designed by her friend Leonardo, The Owl House took three months to build and is situated at the bottom of her garden, where it overlooks the Sefton coast.

Tracy says the shed makes her feel proud, both of The Owl House and of her friend’s design.

She said: “An artist friend of mine, Leonardo built the Owl House four years ago at the end of my garden.

“It’s an incredible space, I’m incredibly proud of the Owl House and of Leo.

“He worked so hard and it took him about three months.


“We used cob material, recycled pieces of wood, a lot of ply wood and we also went and got a lot of recycled bottles from the back of pubs, the tip, and people’s recycling bins,

“Leo has made the most stunning unique space, I feel so grateful that it’s in my garden and I come up here quite a lot just to chill out.

“I’m an artist, I make things and occasionally I’ll make things in here because the light is really good.

“It’s basically quite small and compact so you really need to just be here to relax.”


Here are some other Eco shed designs to get you inspired!

Hugs x


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