Giant murals made from discarded wooden doors and panels


Belgian painter and sculptor Stefaan De Crook makes fantastic artwork using reclaimed wooden panels, doors and furniture. He uses these materials to create giant geometric faces on the sides of buildings and multisided forms that fit together to create a single image. His most recent work is entitled Elsewhere and is placed on the side of an old furniture factory in Mechelen, Belgium.


De Croock starts with a drawing of a face and then enlarges the scale using found materials and elements such as discarded doors, windows and boards. He transforms these into geometric murals. Elsewhere is the perfect example of the artist’s aesthetic. It is both figurative and abstract and provides a different perspective of a man’s silhouette.



Every piece has its own story. The melancholic pose of the human figure symbolizes a person at his home, like a puzzle made from salvaged materials, the texture and color of which isn’t altered by additional paint.

Take a look more of De Croock’s work:

Hugs x


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