Cordwood Construction (Cobwood) in England @ Earthmovesdesign

Cordwood Construction ™

Earthmovesdesign (with permission)

Based in Suffolk and established since 1996, earthmovesdesign is Neil and Emi-Lou Lankford. Neil designs and makes gardens, Water features, and  natural Cobwood Garden Rooms and kids play dens and has worked with both the private and commercial side of landscaping.Earthmovedesignuk 9 Cobwood roundhouseUK

Earthmovedesignuk 5What is a Cobwood Roundhouse?   It can be almost any shape, square, rectangle, oval and not just round.  Its a handmade Natural building Constructed around an Oak ‘Henge’ Frame they have walls 40cm thick made using the ancient method of Cob (Soil, Sharp sand, Hay, Lime, and water) and wood, and an amazing self supporting ‘Reciprocal’ roof frame supporting a real flowering meadow. These tried and tested buildings have been designed to withstand Continental weather systems of freezing Winters and baking Summers.  They are made from 3-6 metres in diameter (internal floor space) but other designs can  be much bigger (up to 200 sq metres).  They are…

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