What about the Polar Bears?

The Irish term “Little Mite” means to take pity or feel sorry for someone. The Polar Bears are my little mites and through my drawings I hope to, at the very least, raise some awareness about climate change and the effects that we humans are having on the animal kingdom.

For more of my projects: Glenn Keelan Art

Hugs, Glenn x

“Polar bears are a highly specialised species living primarily by catching seals from the sea ice. At the same time, polar bears are opportunists when it comes to their diet and they have the ability to wander across huge geographical distances in order to find good hunting grounds. A substantial reduction in the extent of the sea ice during the summer will undoubtedly have a negative impact on polar bears. Based on extremely conservative forecasts about the future extent of the sea ice,
scientists have estimated that two thirds of the polar bear population could become extinct by 2050. If the sea ice continues to retreat at the speed witnessed during the last few years, the situation will become even more critical.” – Effects of climate change on polar bears

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